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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When you make the life-changing decision for a sober life, you open the doors for success. The next step is taking responsibility for your addiction and asking for the help you need to achieve sobriety. Sober living facilities can be a valuable tool for maintaining sobriety, but before you can maintain sobriety, outpatient treatment can help you become sober.

The sister company of Sober Living Properties, Next Level Recovery, offers outpatient addiction treatment programs that helps people reach sobriety in a non-clinical outpatient setting. The outpatient treatment at Next Level Recovery is patient-centric and flexible. People are treated as respected outpatient clients who have made an important decision to alter the course of their life to meet healthy goals.

Next Level Recovery takes a practical approach to outpatient addiction treatment, assisting clients who are actively engaged in the everyday activities of work and play. The professional and multi-disciplinary team at Next Level Recovery works with clients, on an outpatient basis, to develop a plan for success and to implement strategies that will lead them toward a healthier life that is free from addiction. Next Level Recovery’s outpatient service staff works with individuals and families to assist in recovery on the psychological, social, and physical levels.

The wheel that powers Next Level Recovery relies on four powerful spokes. The first spoke – crisis intervention – helps families in crisis reach out to their loved ones with a positive and effective helping hand. The second spoke is the diagnosis of underlying conditions. This is an important spoke in the wheel, providing a comprehensive diagnosis of the issues behind the addiction. Family counseling forms the third spoke and prepares the road toward healthier and more honest relationships. All of the spokes are fortified with the fourth and final spoke – local resources – which enables our clients to reach out to the community and receive the help they need for continued sobriety.

Contact Next Level Recovery to find out how you can reach your sobriety goals using our powerful and effective outpatient addiction treatment approach.


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