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Foundation for Success

At Sober Living Properties, our male transitional living residents build the foundation for a successful life. Their success is made possible by a structure that encourages healthy choices and life skills. Our transitional living facilities include three sober halfway houses in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, which offer a variety of settings and recovery options to suit the different tastes and requirements of our residents. Transitional living residents in our St George house also have recovery services and resources in close proximity.

Easing Into Home

Arrival at Sober Living Properties begins with a meeting with the house manager. The house manager meets with each transitional living resident and gives them a full orientation so that they know what they can expect from the house and what the house can expect from them.  Each new transitional living resident is introduced to the members of the house which provides a chance for new relationships to begin and build, on a foundation of sobriety.

Responsibility and Life Skills

The managers at our houses have been transitional living residents for years and are instrumental in helping newer residents improve life skills. Responsibility for different household responsibilities are shared with a revolving schedule, allowing each transitional living resident a turn to monitor his peers and practice leadership and supervisory skills needed to keep the house in order. Responsibility and leadership skills are acknowledged and supported in our transitional living houses.

Support for Employment

Because transitional living residents in our houses need increased support as they head out into the workforce, Sober Living Properties focuses on employment resources and support from the beginning of most intakes.  As a result, our transitional living clients enjoy some of the highest employment rates to be had in sober living environments. Residents will be given a referral to Work-Force Services at:

Open Campus

Our transitional living campus is an open campus. For Sober Living Properties, this means that family and friends are welcome on site after work hours.  It also means that our staff and residents are encouraged to participate in open, honest and heartfelt communication.  We believe that the health of the transitional living community rests on communication.  We also have house meetings on each campus.

Community Connections

Our transitional living homes are embraced by the communities and neighborhoods that surround them. As a therapeutic community, Sober Living Properties has developed strong community ties. We are connected to many key recovery resources that are in the community for our residents to enjoy.  Our residents often find themselves developing friendships and connections, which can last long after they have left Sober Living Properties. These connections become a key factor in a resident’s success in sobriety.

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