Success in Chaos

Success in Chaos, Learning to Deal with Stress Dealing with stress when you’re in recovery is more difficult than anyone else dealing with stress. You have to struggle with your own issues while at the same time having to navigate through the rough waters of outside dilemmas. You can learn to deal with this stress […]

Finding New Freinds

Finding New Friends During Your Transition to Sober Living When you make the transition to your new sober living community, finding new friends is a crucial part of discovering how to move forward. You’ll understand new things about yourself and about living your life that may not be easy to get used to right away, […]

Safe Environments

Living in a safe environment while working through addiction recovery is a critical part of this successful process.  These environments serve as an interim facility between in-patient rehab and a return to the person’s normal living situation.  The goal is to provide a living situation that also offers the support and structure that recovering addicts […]