Sober Living

Structure is the key to sobriety. With that key and the gifts of persistence and commitment, a lifetime of sobriety can be unlocked. At Sober Living Properties, we have developed a structured setting that supports transitional housing residents as they build a foundation for a healthier, sober life. By choosing to live in a sober community, transitional housing residents permit themselves to discover a life of possibility, constructed by them and supported by their peers and a caring professional staff.

Sober Living Properties offers a series of specific checkpoints that enable individuals at our transitional housing properties to progress through the stages of early recovery and return to society with stronger life skills and healthier habits. Residents reach checkpoints by meeting specific criteria and following transitional housing rules, which include:

  • Sobriety program meetings throughout each week
  • Sponsorship by another sobriety program member
  • Submission to random drug testing

A fully accredited sober living and transitional housing facility, Sober Living Properties takes relapse prevention to the highest level. Our model for living is based on accountability and empowerment. Our staff believes, practices, and teaches that accountability is the foundation for personal power, which grows and flourishes as our clients grow in the process of early recovery.

Relationships strengthen the foundation of sobriety as transitional housing residents learn to work respectfully together to create a clean living environment and engage in peer-related programs that encourage team work and community. Transitional housing residents build connections and gain control of their lives through the guidance of a structured sobriety program. Their work ultimately earns them the education and wisdom to make better choices as they define a new and more fulfilling life.

Our transitional housing residents are surrounded by supportive and active communities. As residents work and engage with the members of local neighborhoods, they often develop relationships that can last a lifetime. When transitional housing residents leave Sober Living Properties, they are ready to successfully transition back into the community.

Sober Living Properties offers professional assessments and can answer questions about additional treatment services that may assist each individual transitional housing resident to reach all of their potential while living with us in our sober home.

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